Farmstead Park in Sterling Heights, MI – Awesome Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy

Farmstead Park in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is located about fifteen miles southwest of Port Huron and about three miles north of Kalamazoo. Farmstead is found on the site of an old Michigan Farm, which was restored to become a beautiful tourist attraction for visitors who come to the area for the summer months. This location makes it an excellent site for a family vacation as it offers easy access to numerous beaches, golf courses, parks, hiking trails, nature preserves, and so much more. For many years, this area had been a vital dairy route and manufacturing space for early Americans, but it was closed during the Great Depression due to lack of money. Since then, this section of Farmstead has been restored and is popular with visitors who enjoy visiting old neighborhoods and trying out the authentic atmosphere of those bygone days. The Park is a great place to take your family because it offers activities designed to be wholesome and educational, and even if you do not have kids, this is still a fun place to visit with your friends or loved ones. Information can be found here.

In addition to the outdoor activities at Farmstead Park, there are other things that you can do within the Park itself. There are picnic tables, benches, and playground equipment available for your enjoyment. There are also many places for outdoor weddings and events such as concerts, lectures, and weddings. You can choose from a wide range of different types of food and drinks, including picnic tables, grills, ice cream stands, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants, all within the park itself. See here for information about Dodge Park in Sterling Heights, Michigan – Perfect For Family Outing.

Farmstead Park is located just ten miles from Detroit and just over a half-hour from Kalamazoo. Farmstead’s whole area is about seven miles long, and it includes a playground, several picnic areas, and the Historical Society Museum. Some of the attractions include the Old Town Hall, which features a beautiful building that serves as the city’s historical headquarters; the H.K. Crocker Historic Site, which features an interpretive center; and the John D. MacArthur Wildlife Sanctuary, which allow you to tour some of the beautiful tracts of land where animals have roamed throughout the years. There are also several events and activities in Farmstead Park each year, and if you would like to plan a family outing during the summer months, you can visit between May and September.

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